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Welcome to our blog and news section here at Elastech Solutions, the go-to company for custom molded rubber components. We take pride in our work and the products we produce. This blog is to further educate you, our customer, on what we do here at Elastech Solutions and where we are going. We look at this blog as yet another method that we can provide consistent, useful interaction with our customers. We intend for every article to enlighten you about our industry, from top to bottom, as it should be a goal of a company to help its customers understand the depth of the industry it is involved in.

Sustainability has been a hot topic in recent years, and the rubber industry has been trying to concentrate effort on producing rubber through sustainable means. The International Rubber Study Group has taken up the initiative to try and draw up a plan for the industry, with the study and plan development being headed up by senior economist Lekshmi Nair. The Wall Street Journal recently did an interview with Miss Nair (https://blogs.wsj.com/searealtime/2013/09/03/rubber-study-group-looks-for-sustainability-plan/) detailing how the group intends to move forward with the initiative, and it gives some background on how rubber is produced as well as how it can be moved towards sustainability. Please take time and read through this article to see the possible path that our industry could be headed down in the near future as producers and consumers of natural rubber work towards the goal of sustainability.

One point that Miss Nair touches on in her interview is the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility, the idea of companies and industries taking responsibility for their action and encouraging positive impact through their activities, not just for the sake of compliance to regulations. We embrace this idea, and we strive to make it part of our business on a daily business. We hope that social responsibility continues to become important to companies, as it can help people and businesses through all levels of industry.

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